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People spend a large amount on anti-aging products because young looking people are usually healthier and better looking. Though the process of aging is natural, the rate at which a person will age depends on different factors like lifestyle, nutrition and genetics. People are always looking for effective and affordable supplements which can slow down the aging process since their health problems will reduce to a large extent. Eternum labs is one of the most popular health supplement sellers in australia and this eternumlabs australia review provides information on the wide range of healthcare products which the company is selling.


While eternum labs is selling a wide range of health supplements, one of the most popular supplements is Nicotinamide Mononucleotide (abbreviated as NMN) which is a form of Vitamin B3. The cells of the body use energy in the form of adenosine triphosphate(ATP) which is produced by the mitochondria. One of the essential co-enzymes/ molecules in the mitochondria is the Nicotinamide adenine dinucleotide(NAD+), which is found naturally in the body. The NAD+ levels in the body will decline with age, affecting the functioning of the Mitochondria, resulting in damage to tissues and the person shows the signs of aging.

Since the NAD+ co-enzyme is very large and will be degraded during the process of digestion, experts have found that it is better to consume the NMN supplement which is precursor to the NAD+ instead of NAD. It is found that increasing the NMN levels in the body will effectively boost the NAD+ levels also, reversing the process of aging. In addition to increasing the energy levels and improving the immunity, the supplement will improve the brain function, cognition and cellular signalling. It will also help in muscle, DNA repair and neurogenesis. It reduces the inflammation and improves functioning of the cardiovascular system.

Though NMN is found in trace amounts in the food consumed, it is usually not sufficient to reverse the process of aging. Also NMN is usually not stable at room temperature. To overcome this problem eternum labs has formulated a special version of NMN which can be used without refrigeration. The NMN is available in bottles which contain 30 NMN capsules of 200 mg each, and one capsule should be used daily. For better discounts, the buyer can order three or six bottles at a time. The vegetarian capsules are gluten free and come with a one year warranty. Any capsules ordered online, will be shipped the next day.