Tips on how to make Thai fish cakes

Making Thai fish cakes is simple and quick to do. It’s all done by hand, no special equipment required unless you are searching for an even smoother texture. If that is the case get out your blender or food processor, The following are some of the steps to follow;


1. Gather your ingredients


This recipe uses only a few ingredients. For the fish cakes, you will need three (3) cups of cooked white fish and one (1) cup of cooked rice or leftover rice grains.


2. Mash it up


Once the fish and rice are cooled off, mash them together in a large bowl with your hands until they form a paste like consistency.


3. Add the remaining ingredients to the bowl


Now add your bean sprouts, cilantro (coriander) leaves (the green stuff), spring onions (scallions), red chili pepper flakes and white pepper powder. Mix everything thoroughly together with your hands until it is all combined well throughout the paste like mixture.

4. Shape the mixture into cakes


Roll balls of the rice and fish mix to make nice sized patties; these will be your fish cakes. Many like to flatten them slightly because they cling better, making it easier to flip them over when cooking.


5. Heat up some oil in a frying pan or skillet


Place two tablespoons of oil in a pan or skillet and heat it to medium high. Once the pan is hot, add your fish cakes (flatten them once again before adding) and cook them on one side for about two to three minutes until they get nice brown color; then flip them over and do the same on the other side.


6. Get your garnish ready


On a plate lay out some lettuce, sliced cucumbers and tomatoes. Also get the chili sauce (optional), lime wedges and fish sauce or soy sauce. Your cooked Thai fish cakes at A&T Trading should be golden brown on both sides by now, so it’s time to remove them from the pan onto your platter filled with garnish.


The above are some of the tips on how to make Thai fish cakes. Repeat this process, and you’ll be making delicious Thai fish cakes in no time.

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Why are social media marketing agencies worth it?

Did you know that 28% of companies surveyed said they planned to increase social media marketing budgets in 2014? That is because businesses are recognizing the value of social media marketing. If your company isn’t using one of these strategies, now is the time to start planning before your competition takes over.

Why is social media marketing agency worth it?

1. Social media marketing is not a part-time job for most people.

Social media marketing can be overwhelming for some companies who don’t have experience with it. Hiring an agency to handle all your social marketing needs is often worth it compared to hiring several different full-time employees at once or even just contracting out current employees to manage your accounts. Not only will you save money, but it also makes the process more cohesive.

2. You need to stay on top of current trends.

If your company uses social media marketing, it may be too difficult to manage all of your accounts while staying up-to-date with current social media trends. Hiring an agency helps you keep pace without letting anything slip through the cracks. If your company doesn’t use social media marketing yet, hiring an agency can help get your feet wet and eventually allow you to create a successful strategy for yourself.

3. Agencies have experience.

For many companies just starting with social media marketing, getting advice from someone experienced in this area is vital. Agencies have already gained extensive knowledge about what has worked for them and what hasn’t. You won’t waste time figuring out the best way to use social media marketing since agencies already know this.

4. Agencies can help you maximize your efforts.

It may be difficult for brands that are just starting with social media to know which platforms you should be using. A professional agency can advise you on which platforms are worth your time right now, where the target audience is hanging out, and how much effort you should put into each platform. This saves your company time and money, saving you from investing in unfruitful efforts.

5. Social media managers need room to grow.

Start-ups may not always have enough room or funds for an entire department dedicated to social media. Your company may be able to get a strong team of professionals from an agency instead, who can improve your business without taking up too much space. The agency will grow with the company and help you take your social media marketing skills to new heights.


Hiring a social media marketing agency is often worth it for companies because it gives them access to an experienced support team without taking up valuable staff. This allows small businesses and start-ups to grow even further with the help of an outside agency or breathe new life into their current teams by training employees in social media strategies.