Best Honeycomb Blind Providers Australia

Best Honeycomb Blind Providers Australia

  28 Jun 2018

There really are just so many choices that confront a person who’s setting out to decide on what to choose today in window coverings that it seems that honeycomb blinds have kind of gotten lost in the crowd. The real irony is that with everyone looking for ways to lighten their carbon footprint, these blinds are the perfect solution.

These are the very latest technology in retractable window blinds that combine the best in aesthetics, durability, ease of function and energy savings all in one. They come in an astounding variety if colour choices and are also incredibly fast and simple to install. So just how do these new blinds accomplish all this?  They Aren’t Flat and Thin Like Standard Blinds  To start with, their energy efficiency comes from their ability to block the heat and chill from the outside of the home. At the same time, they function to keep the home’s energy inside as well.

The reason is simple. They aren’t flat and thin like standard retractable blinds. Rather, they’re about two inches thick and filled with a series of interconnected air pockets.  A Smooth Functioning, Far More Attractive System  Also, they don’t roll up like you might picture a standard blind doing. That’s because, believe it or not, they retract up to the window’s top by a pull cord in an “accordion-like” fashion. No tangles or bundles but rather a much smoother operating and quite honestly a far more attractive system.

The fact is that there could be no better time than now for honeycomb blinds to begin to dominate the home decorating market in Australia. Energy cost is rising and will continue to rise. Also up until now the only other choices in energy efficient window coverings were far too utilitarian in appearance. These new blinds not only look fantastic but they are fantastic window insulators as well.

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