How To Protect Your Funko Pop

How To Protect Your Funko Pop

  22 Sep 2019

Are you wondering how to protect your popcase? A popcase features a durable exterior hard shell for complete corner, edge and back protection. The rubber frame protects and raises the glass screen from any surface while still providing a lightweight, thin protection. Keeping this clean is not only hygienic but will keep your case as well as your phone looking brand new. In order to protect your popcase, give it a thorough wiping three times a week and a deep clean about once a week.


Soft Cloth

Glass Cleaner

Dish Detergent




To clean your popcase first remove the case from your phone. Next, spray glass cleaner on the interior area of your pop case. Take a flannel cloth or any soft cloth and wipe the interior of your popcase clean using a circular motion until the glass cleaner has evaporated. Do the same with the exterior part of the pop case. You will now see that the clear area of the popcase is as clean and clear as day.

The next thing you need to do is to get the interior corners clean. For this you will need some Q-tips, a toothbrush and some liquid dish soap. Put one drop of liquid dish soap in half a cup of water. The solution should be more watery than soapy. Wet the Q-tip and smear the inside of the border, making sure to reach all the corners. The interior corners and border should now be damp.

Take your toothbrush and brush the interior paying special attention to each corner. Wipe this clean. Next, take a Q-tip and run it through the interior of the camera hole. When you have finished scrubbing and cleaning the phone case, you can go ahead and take the same soft cloth to wipe this clean once again. Your case should now look as good as new. Repeat this process once a week to maintain hygiene and keep your popcase looking as good as new.

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