Is Australia The Most Multi-Cultural Country?

Is Australia The Most Multi-Cultural Country?

  02 May 2018

he answer to whether Australia the most multi cultural country is YES. Australia is a huge country that has developed its own cultural diversity. British pioneers in 1788 with their authority and cultural baggage to the “holy places” of the Aborigines and the football game Australian Rules are all a part of the intrinsic Australian culture. Australia presents itself as a great beautiful place with a rugged interior and a boastful coastline.

The culture of Australia is wide and seems to be accessible only to certain individuals or groups. In particular, the culture of the Aborigines is exclusively theirs. Australian sports that are attracting much public attention are male participants. After all, the Australian landscape, especially the interior of Australia, is a hot and secluded place. Tourists are invited to visit Australia through influential marketing programs that promote an Australian image that Australians identify.

Modern media present both traditional and iconic Australian culture. Australian Rules Football, a very popular sport in Victoria, South Australia and Western Australia, was developed around 1858 in Melbourne, Victoria by H.C.A Harrison and is a unique, beloved sport in Australia that is still prized by men and women today!

Australia has great potential for increased tourism through the use of the media. Media portray images and stereotypes that contribute to the identification of culture. The diversity of Australian culture can be appreciated locally or internationally respected. The Australian image is friendly and open and should be shown wherever possible. Australia itself is prosperous and beautiful with many natural and manmade resources that visitors can and will continue to do in the future.

Australia has received an enviable worldwide status for its assortment and indulgence. It has turned out to be the place for residents of more than 200 countries. The foundation of modern Australian society is based above all on raising every single part of the citizens. Following the principles of self-government, Australian society, as well as Australian culture, gives each citizen the independence to practice his or her individual religion and culture. For the convenience of the citizens, English was tailored as the country’s authorized language.

Australian culture was based on the following principles:

Productive diversity
All citizens should strengthen social, cultural and economic values.

Cultural admiration
All citizens of Australia can put their individual culture and religion into practice.

Social justice
All citizens of Australia are equal regardless of culture, race, gender, language and birth.

The people of every race and field have been drawn and matured in Australia. The citizens of this country spoke similar languages. In addition, there was a lasting transformation in Australia, followed by a British colony in 1788. The earlier time Europeans living in Australia were the prisoners of the British. Non-Europeans similar to the Chinese were also among the earlier time settlers. People like Poland and other countries also came in search of gold. The implementation of the Immigration Restriction Act 1901 to end the migration of citizens to Australia.

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