Tips on how to make Thai fish cakes

Making Thai fish cakes is simple and quick to do. It’s all done by hand, no special equipment required unless you are searching for an even smoother texture. If that is the case get out your blender or food processor, The following are some of the steps to follow;


1. Gather your ingredients


This recipe uses only a few ingredients. For the fish cakes, you will need three (3) cups of cooked white fish and one (1) cup of cooked rice or leftover rice grains.


2. Mash it up


Once the fish and rice are cooled off, mash them together in a large bowl with your hands until they form a paste like consistency.


3. Add the remaining ingredients to the bowl


Now add your bean sprouts, cilantro (coriander) leaves (the green stuff), spring onions (scallions), red chili pepper flakes and white pepper powder. Mix everything thoroughly together with your hands until it is all combined well throughout the paste like mixture.

4. Shape the mixture into cakes


Roll balls of the rice and fish mix to make nice sized patties; these will be your fish cakes. Many like to flatten them slightly because they cling better, making it easier to flip them over when cooking.


5. Heat up some oil in a frying pan or skillet


Place two tablespoons of oil in a pan or skillet and heat it to medium high. Once the pan is hot, add your fish cakes (flatten them once again before adding) and cook them on one side for about two to three minutes until they get nice brown color; then flip them over and do the same on the other side.


6. Get your garnish ready


On a plate lay out some lettuce, sliced cucumbers and tomatoes. Also get the chili sauce (optional), lime wedges and fish sauce or soy sauce. Your cooked Thai fish cakes at A&T Trading should be golden brown on both sides by now, so it’s time to remove them from the pan onto your platter filled with garnish.


The above are some of the tips on how to make Thai fish cakes. Repeat this process, and you’ll be making delicious Thai fish cakes in no time.

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