What Are Mongrel Work Boots?

Many workers in Australia have to stand for many hours while working, and the shop floor conditions are also not very clean, with acid, oils and other chemicals being spilled. Hence many workers are interested in finding high quality work boots which comply with safety regulations. One of the most reputed brands for work-boots is mongrel work boots australia. These work-boots are manufactured by Victor Footwear a company which specializes in making footwear for workers in Australia since 1930. The Mongrel brand of footwear for workers was launched by the company in 2010.

Unlike most other companies selling footwear in Australia which are importing their footwear, Victor Footwear is manufacturing all the footwear in Australia itself, to ensure that the footwear is suitable for Australian conditions and workers. They also ensure that footwear complies with the relevant safety standards in Australia and New Zealand. For maximum comfort, all of the footwear has polyurethane midsoles, which cushion the feet. The outsoles made from nitrile rubber can withstand a temperature of up to 300 degree centigrade. In some cases, the footwear also has an out sole made from thermoplastic polyurethane (TPU) which is slip resistant.

All the soles used are acid and oil resistant. For some applications the worker may have to remove and wear the boots repeatedly, so to make it easier to remove the boots, zippers are used. These zipper boots are popular with the workers. Work boots for women are also available, though the size of their feet is smaller. Steel caps of high quality are used for most of the work boots in safety series, though shoes in the S series, have aluminum caps. A warranty of six months is offered on all the work boots which are sold by Victor footwear. The inner sole of these boots is removable. Buyers are requested to follow the guidelines for usage.

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